I stopped growing my own weed

Even though I am approaching fifty years of age, I still don’t feel like an old timer.

I am in decent shape, in good health, my life and career are both going well, and life in general is good.

Then I stop and look around at how much society has changed since I was a kid, and that is what makes me feel old! I am not talking about the price of things “back in my day a loaf of bread cost a nickel” or anything like that. In particular, I am thinking about cannabis usage, and the laws around it. Since I was a teenager I have been a regular smoker of marijuana, and for twenty years or so I grew my own plants. Not a lot of cannabis plants, just the few I could fit under a grow light in my closet, just enough to keep me smoking. Back then growing your own was the only way to ensure you had a supply of quality cannabis, because a lot of what was for sale was ditch weed. If you haven’t heard the term before, ditch weed is the lowest quality of marijuana, sometimes barely more than raw hemp. Ditch weed will give you a headache before it gets you supremely stoned, which is why I always tended a small number of cannabis plants. These days I don’t need to do that, because the cannabis dispensary carries a hundred different kinds of killer weed that put my homegrown stuff to shame. It ain’t cheap, but I don’t mind paying for the convenience.


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