Edibles for game night

What’s better than having a party game night with your friends? This is the sort of thing we used to do all the time, and then we just sort of stopped. The only good thing to come out of the quarantine was a renewed appreciation for spending time with my friends. Since the lockdown was lifted, my husband and I have been hosting a game night once a month. We invite a dozen or so people, usually the same crowd, and spend a few hours playing games, drinking wine, and eating cannabis edibles. A few of us are regular cannabis smokers, but in the context of our friend group we can’t really do that. A couple people here are highly sensitive to any kind of smoke, and as we all know cannabis smoke is particularly pungent. For that reason, we restrict our intake to edibles during game nights, which give the proceedings a nice, chill feel to them. It is really hard to get upset about losing a game when you have eaten a few pot brownies garnished with CBD gummies. Those of us that don’t partake in the edibles usually get so wrecked on wine or liquor that we all end up on the same page. The point of all this is that I will never take my friends, or game night, for granted again, and even if we stop using edibles it won’t matter. Because of COVID I have a renewed love of interacting with people, and because of cannabis edibles I always have a really great time.



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