Therapist suggested trying cannabis infused edibles

I have struggled with anxiety for most of our life.

I see a therapist and talk about unusual strategies for dealing with our anxiety, but it is tough for me to implement them in a real-world situation when I am experiencing anxiety in real time.

I have been to a psychiatrist as well and tried unusual prescription medications, but they regularly leave me groggy and unmotivated, which is absolutely disruptive to my job as a case manager for a law firm. I was talking about our struggles with my therapist and since I was not a fan of the medication, she recommended that I try cannabis edibles for my anxiety. Cannabis infused edibles supply a dose of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, that is able to be processed orally. Cannabis edibles also come in multiple unusual strains and flavors! The cannabis dispensary near me carries hundreds of different cannabis infused edibles, from gummies and lollipops, to cookies and brownies. I spoke with a budtender about our reason for trying cannabis and he pointed me to a package of gummy squares. One of the most convenient things about cannabis edibles is that they are clearly dosed for accurate measurement. The next afternoon, I ate one of the gummies after lunch, because I was starting to feel my anxiety creeping up. I tried my best to focus on our work and before I knew it, I had finished all of my emails. I didn’t even notice the small amount of THC, but it was enough to curb my anxiety while I was at work. If you struggle with anxiety, head to your local dispensary to see if cannabis edibles are right for you!