Access to medical marijuana should not cost an arm and a leg

Everyone of us expected to be able to get medical marijuana at a reasonable price.

Everyone of us were moving around the shop looking at all of the different products.

While many people were moving, it did not seem that anyone cared about the prices. I decided to browse and look at products inside of the showcase. I did not really know what the things were that I was viewing. Someone called out to me and then wanted to know if I could help. I told the person it was my very first time going to this medical clinic plus I would meet someone to speak with me. Within multiple minutes that pharmacist technician recommended marijuana products that were easily on sale. Every one of us were content to hear about the sale products. Every one of us prefer to be able to save money. When the products were rung up, every one of us were in shock. We did not say much at all. When there were marijuana products that were wrung up, I was easily in shock. I didn’t say much at all and all there was for me to do was easily stared down near the bartender. I wanted to know if there were a couple of small products. It was typical and I knew that I could check on things on my own. I also picked up some products and then there were a couple of items that I thought could be good. I did not realize that marijuana products would be so expensive and hard to get.


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