Many strains of marijuana are not all that different

I remember reading High Times magazine as a weed-obsessed 18-year-old and marveling at all of the different strains available.

It seemed like cannabis genetics were endless in their varieties.

You might think that things have stayed that way with all of these new strain names emerging as time goes on, but they may not be nearly as different as one may think. There are a dozen or so coveted strains that are used to create the genetics for countless others. For instance, the sativa strain Jack Herer has resulted in Black Jack, Sour Jack, Jacky Girl, etc. Another popular example is the cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies because it seems to be in everything these days. There’s Do-si-dos, Forum Cut Cookies, GMO, MAC1, Garlic Cookies, and many more. Unfortunately, these “cookie” strains give me mostly bad effects. I can’t explain it, but some of the ones I tried contributed to mood swings. I desperately wanted to enjoy these strains, but instead I was forced to mostly avoid them. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, because the Girl Scout Cookies variant is derived from OG Kush and Durban Poison, 2 strains that I love. Maybe a day will come when I enjoy cookie strains and can start purchasing them again, but until then I’ll stick to marijuana genetics that I know will work for me and my needs. For me, it’s hard to beat the weed strain Gorilla Glue #4, especially its descendent Gorilla Grapes! Without a doubt I consistently purchase Gorilla Glue when it’s available at a nearby dispensary. I don’t care if the THC content is high or not!

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