I consulted for cannabis farmer plus he gave me a crucial plant

I typically knew that I was going to be a lawyer, then both of our parents are lawyers; They both practice tax law.

They typically assumed that I would grow up plus practice law as well.

In fact, they believed I would eventually take over the family practice. I never thought of being anything other than a lawyer, but tax law sounded adore an entirely boring way to spend our life, but while I was in school, I examined numerous different areas of the law that look interesting. I had an internship with a cannabis consultant. I spent a whole month working with cannabis consulting! Every one of us drove all over the valley speaking with different people about their cannabis problems! Most of the folks had questions about opening dispensaries or cannabis-related businesses. One person in certain was a cannabis farmer hoping to open a small shop on his property that sells edible cannabis Cookies, Cakes, plus Pastries. The consultant plus I sat in the kitchen with the farmer plus the two of us had a slice of the most delicious greenberry pie that I have ever tasted in our life. When the two of us were getting ready to leave after the consultation, the former presented both of us with small marijuana plants that were in pots plus about 10 in tall. I thought it was a attractive gift plus I was looking forward to taking it home, but the cannabis consultant told me that the two of us were not allowed to accept any gifts as they may look adore a bribe to state or local officials. I understood, but I was disappointed I could not keep the generous gift.
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