The current vehicle was current to me

I spent several long weeks saving every penny, dime, and dollar so I could buy a current car.

I was working as a marijuana delivery driver, using the same vehicle I bought when I was 17 years old.

The vehicle had a lot of troubles and they were getting worse every time I stepped into the vehicle to deliver cannabis. I worked tough and saved every dollar. I did not go to eat at steakhouses with my friends and I did not go to the films unless it was a matinee. I missed out on a few concerts while I was trying to save for my current car. Thankfully, the tips are really nice when you are a recreational and medical cannabis delivery driver. After several weeks of saving my money, I had $4,000 and plenty of money to start searching for my next vehicle. I was going to use the money as a down payment for a brand current car, despite the fact that I did not really want a daily payment. I found a more than one-door sedan that was interesty and fresh-looking. It needed a paint task, despite the fact that I did not mind giving the vehicle a little TLC. That guy provided me a chop on the price and I took the vehicle to a paint shop and they turned the rusty red vehicle into a nice red vehicle with no rust and a current interior. The guy at the paint shop told me that the vehicle was a wonderful find, especially since it has low mileage. It should last several years, even if I use it everyday to deliver cannabis products.
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