You can’t beat good bubble hash

Bubble hash is a really fun product that is made with ice water; just making bubble hash isn’t exactly easy, and in order to make bubble hash, you must add bags of ice water to the cannabis flower! This freezes the plants and releases the live resin from the flower as well, but live resin contains THC and cbd.

These compounds transport through a series of strains until the only thing that is left over is plant material.

This plant material is called Bubble hash. Bubble hash can be smoked in a bowl or it can be vaped. There are only a few companies that make really great ice water bubble hash. I found some ice water bubble hash at the local weed delivery service. The marijuana bubble hash was on sale for $20 a gram; usually the Ice Water bubble hash is $30 for the gram, so I bought 2 grams at $20 each when they were on sale. The marijuana delivery service was also having a sale on all of the live resin concentrates. The products that were normally listed for $35 were only $30 out the door. I wanted to buy a total of 8 grams of concentrate from the marijuana delivery service that day. I got more than one gram of ice water bubble hash and then several additional grams of live resin concentrates from the top shelf… Since I was saving a bunch of currency, I wanted to make sure that I got as many grams of cannabis concentrate as I could afford. I never suppose when I will actually find them on sale again


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