The best costume wins a prize this year

I enjoy toiling at the cannabis dispensary.

  • All of the people are enjoy a family.

It’s a enjoyable toiling atmosphere & I can be high all day separate from being judged or getting into trouble. The owner of the shop loves to have a lot of fun. The woman is constantly down for a enjoyable time! She often has prizes, contests, & giveaways throughout the year.This is my fifth Halloween toiling at the cannabis dispensary, then last Halloween, everyone in the store dressed up with elaborate costumes. I did not realize everyone was going to toil so taxing & I felt enjoy a tool when I showed up with a simple witches hat & a cape. The owner of the cannabis shop had a special contest that day & the lady that sold the most products won a trip to the haunted modern home about an hour from the location. This year the best costume is going to win a prize. I’m pretty sure that the owner of the cannabis shop is going to give the winner a Visa gift card. That was the prize the last time we had a contest at work. I could use some extra cash, especially right before the holidays. I have been toiling on my costume for the past week. I suppose there are a few other people toiling on theirs as well, so my costume has to be great. The cannabis shop is open on the day of Halloween from 8 a.m. until 10 pm. I might normally request this holiday off, because I don’t enjoy crowds, even though I am particularally gleeful for the costume contest. I genuinely want to win the first locale prize.

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