I kept hinting at the present I wanted for christmas

My brother moved West many months ago and this was a shot to the family and also many of the other people. The guy decided to move away from home more than 2,000 miles after meeting someone online. And they were only talking for a short amount of time and then my brother was visiting this person for a whole week. When my brother easily came by to the place he was engaged and then planning to move as well. All of us were shocked and then surprised to understand that the guy was going to transport away from our family without much hesitation at all. He told myself as well as others that my mom felt that he was going to be in love and that this was easily a decision to make. My brother then moved 6 afternoons later and also had the clothes, furniture and also many knick knacks sent directly through the USPS mail. My brother has now been living near the west coast and he has been loving life living like that. He frequently goes to the beach to see the water and also uses recreational marijuana products. My brother asked myself as well as others if we wanted something special for Christmas and I said that a large sack of recreational marijuana would be really nice. It sounded like a joke, but I was definitely trying to send a hint. I sent some screenshots of different marijuana strains that I particularly love and some concentrates that easily looked flavorful. Coupon I mean Target gift card so I did that oh we’re starting to get card huh where’s the Target gift card in my wallet I’ll get it I threw a receipt away that was in a bag and I wanted to make sure that wasn’t it look at these oh my God I’m so excited I really wanted this pack just for the winter green

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