I got a free bowl with the purchase

This morning I realized that I was completely out of concentrate.

I thought I had another gram of sativa in the drawer, however the box was empty.

I cleaned out the bottom of an empty container and I didn’t legitimately get high. I decided to go to a dispensary about 5 miles away from our house. Traffic was busy because it was still very early in the morning hours. I got to the dispensary and found out they were having a sale that day, then not only were all of the cannabis concentrate products on sale, however they were also giving away a free item with every purchase. I picked up numerous grams of Indica cannabis concentrate. One of the indica cannabis concentrate strains was a number one of mine called papaya. It has a nice fragrance and flavor. The other Indica cannabis concentrate was something current called zero gravity. It looked legitimately good and the name was pretty cool. When I evaluated out with the budtender, she told me that our purchase qualified for the free item. I received a free glass bowl from the dispensary. I rarely smoke marijuana flower, however the free glass bowl will not go to waste. The next time our friends come over to visit, I can surprise them with the current smoking device. While I like to vape concentrate, most of them like to smoke dried flower cannabis. The papaya concentrate did not let me down. It was flavorful and provided me with a legitimately nice and calming hi. The zero gravity was a legitimately nice surprise as well. It didn’t have a good terpene profile, however it was good for pain relief.
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