My favorite edible is the frozen popsicle with 50mg THC

There are a couple strange locales to buy cannabis in this valley, however our favorite locale is right across the street from our apartment building.

The locale has an enormous selection of Edibles, edibles are our favorite way to consume recreational cannabis.

I do not savor to smoke the dried flower. It makes our throat Itchy and scratchy and I consistently cough a lot. The next day I wake up with tons of phlegm in our throat. Edibles are the perfect way to prefer cannabis, because they taste good and they don’t leave any after effects. I went to a cannabis shop last weekend to grab some supplies for a celebration. The cannabis shop was advertising a brand current edible product. They had a small freezer in the lobby and it was filled with frozen popsicles. Each 1 of the frozen pops on 50 mg of THC. It was easily the first time that I ever saw frozen popsicles with THC. They had several strange flavors love grape, lemon, orange, and cherry. They resembled the old twin Pops that I used to buy when I was a kid. I purchased the lemon flavor and I barely made it back to the apartment before it started to melt. I was going to eat it in the car, but I was afraid The sticky popsicle would melt all over our hands and the seat and I didn’t have any napkins or paper towels in the car. The lemon flavor of the popsicle reminded me of the terpene limonene. It tasted good and the high lasted several hours. I purchase popsicles from there all the time now.


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