The pot shop is getting a little competition finally

Recreational marijuana was legalized last year, and dispensaries started popping up all over the place.

Most of them are in the city.

I live in a small town and we only have one marijuana dispensary. They charge insane and outrageous prices because they are the only dispensary within 20 miles. My friends and I spend $100 every time we pick up recreational marijuana supplies. I was incredibly happy when I found out that a second marijuana dispensary is going to open. In 2 months, the shop will be ready for business. The marijuana dispensary already has a website online and they have a second location an hour from my apartment. I visited the location last week and they have a ton of products available. They have more cannabis concentrate available than the place that is currently the only option for recreational cannabis sales. They also carry a wide selection of edibles and the current shop doesn’t have anything except gummy coins and candy. The original cannabis shop will have no choice but lower their prices when the other place opens, or they will quickly be closed for business. This town had a single grocery store for 20 years and then another grocery store opened up on the other side of town. The grocery store went out of business in less than six months and the second grocery store still has the lowest prices in town. I can buy bread, milk, and eggs for less than $5. I see that same fate for the cannabis shop if they don’t lower their prices to meet demand.