My wifey is known as the Karen in our neighborhood

My wifey and I have not been ecstatic in a long time, but the people I was with and I are too outdated to beginning over.

Most of the time I do what I want and she does what she wants. Every one of us eat lunch and dinner together and rarely say a word to each other, but one morning Last week while in lunch, my wifey decided to beginning a conversation about the pot heads down the street. I reminded my wifey that marijuana is legal for recreational and medical use, but she wasn’t ecstatic with my reply. She insisted it was time for us to call the police and report the crime. I told my wifey that I wasn’t planning to get in the middle of anything and I proposed she should mind her own business. Of course that did not work legitimately well, because my wifey is bored with nothing that makes her ecstatic. She decided to call the police to report the smell of marijuana. The police had to come investigate, just in case there were some crimes being committed. The police officer told my wifey that the people were using marijuana legally. Unluckyly, the police officer told our neighbors that my wifey was the person that made the complaint and now my wifey is known as the Karen in our neighborhood. Everytime she walks down the street, the neighborhood kids yell and scream the word Karen. I suppose it isn’tgenuinely funny, but my wifey should have minded her own business. I warned her not to get involved when the smell didn’t problem us or our property.

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