After the last season, I’m losing faith in my team

I love watching football every fall.

  • I enjoy watching the teams play and seeing which ones get to make the playoffs and which ones bust out in the middle of the season.

It’s nice to see when the rookie College Scouts do well in their first year. I always root for the team if there is a rookie quarterback. I want to see the guy do well. My friends and I have our favorites. We often watch the games together. When there is a game that features two of our favorites, things can get really crazy. After last season, I’m losing faith in my team. I won’t even mention them by name, because I’m so disappointed with their play. I was hopeful that things would get better this year, but it doesn’t look like the team is off to a good start. I was watching the game on Sunday with some friends and we were all rooting for my team to win the game. They were up by seven points at halftime, but they were down by 20 at the end of the game. The only thing that saved the whole afternoon for me was the recreational marijuana joint that my friend offered to share with me. I don’t regularly use recreational marijuana, but it definitely took the sting away from watching my team blow a lead. I didn’t care much at all about the team’s performance by the time we were done with the recreational marijuana joint. I felt pretty good and began to look forward to the start of the next game.

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