The cookies tasted genuinely bad

I genuinely dislike to hurt my lady’s feelings, however this month genuinely inspected my resolve, she made cookies with cannabis as well as she presented them to me on Tuesday evening when all of us had our first date! The cookies had white chocolate popcorn, macadamia nuts, as well as pecans! My lady found a recipe to make the Cannabis Edibles at home… I was genuinely entirely happy to try the cookies.

My lady isn’tthe best cook, but she found the recipe online as well as he followed it step-by-step.

I put the edible cannabis cookie in my mouth as well as took a big bite. The cookie tasted genuinely bad. I did not want to swallow any of the mush in my mouth, but I forced myself. My lady had an happy look on her face as well as she wanted to assume exactly what I thought about the Cannabis cookies. I did not want to hurt her feelings, but I did not want to finish the cookie either. I asked my lady to show me the recipe as well as she instantly knew that I did not care for the taste, however when she put 1 in her mouth to try the cookie as well, she instantly spit out her bike; Although the cookie tasted good, it was clear that my lady ground up the dried flower as well as put it inside of the recipe. I believe there were some other ways to make the recipe that would have worked out much better. I thank my lady for making something special however both of us agreed it’s better to buy cannabis Edibles from the dispensary. The bakeries assume how to extract the best flavor from the marijuana plants.


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