There was so much to choose from at the cannabis store

My wifey and I went on holiday for a little while and we stayed in a location where recreational marijuana sales are legal.

I smoked pot with my good buddies one time in band camp.

I was supposed to be playing the trombone, but me and the bass guitar player were out back puffing on a marijuana joint. I easily remember getting high and having a wonderful time, despite the fact that I never smoked again after that. I have not smoked any other marijuana products since I was an adult. My wifey had never used recreational marijuana at all. It was her plan for us to go to a dispensary close to our hotel. We did not have the wish to spend a lot of money on an Uber or a taxi, but there was a dispensary near us. We set out on the 1.2 mile walk. It was an entirely warm and windy day. It was totally comfortable and the sunshine was shining. When we got to the recreational marijuana shop, we had to give them our identification cards. I was genuinely concerned that we might need to be a resident of the state, but there were lots of other people with out of state driver’s licenses too. A budtender motioned for my wifey and I to come over to her and she asked us what cannabis products we were looking for… Neither one of us entirely knew precisely what we wanted. We told the budtender that it was our first time and she explained some of the interesting products to us. The marijuana shop had multiple weird types of products like edibles, smokable flower, vaporizer pens, and even root beer that was infused with cannabis distillate.

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