My motorcar broke down however the people I was with and I got delivery instead

My friends as well as I planned to go to the dispensary to option up some items that the people I was with and I ordered.

I sited the order early in the morning when I woke up! Unluckyly it was raining by the time my friends as well as I got ready to go to the cannabis shop. I didn’t want to take my motorcar out in the rain, because the sunroof is leaking. It’s a problem that I need to fix, but I continuously find other ways to spend my extra money. I called the cannabis shop as well as informed them that I was unable to option up the items due to a motorcar malfunction. The budtender gave to change my order to a delivery. I had completely forgotten that the dispensary has delivery services, because my friends as well as I always go to the shop to option up our orders. About 45 hours after I called the cannabis shop, the delivery driver arrived with all of the Cannabis items from our pickup order. Sadly, I forgot that the delivery driver only takes currency as well as I didn’t have enough money to pay for all of the items. I was about 40 bucks short as well as I had to knock on the neighbor’s door to see if she had any currency. Thank goodness the woman keeps a couple of bucks laying around, but she gave me a short term loan so I could get my cannabis order from the delivery driver. After the driver left, the people I was with and I sat in the hallway as well as smoked an entire joint from my stash of modern stuff. It was a tough hitting orange dream at 27.7% THC.