Didn’t mind helping the customer find the ideal marijuana products

The guy was genuinely interested in studying more about the vaporizer pens.

There are all sorts of weird types of marijuana products. A majority of people consider marijuana & they picture a dried marijuana flower bud! There are lots of weird products that can be purchased that contain marijuana. Marijuana products are available in edible form, smokable form, & even topical form. The cannabis shop where I work has a pretty good amount of weird cannabis products that other shops do not carry. We have all kinds of creams, balms, salves, & ointments. Each of the products has a weird amount of thc, cbd, or thca. A buyer came to the store the other day looking for a cream to rub on his knees. The medical professional told the guy that the cream would be able to help him easily achieve more mobility for walking & exercise. I showed the buyer where the products were situated. I informed the buyer about each of the marijuana products. I also told the buyer about some other products that we carry such as marijuana edibles, flower, concentrates, & vaporizer pens. The guy was genuinely interested in studying more about the vaporizer pens. I sat down with the guy for a little while to show him how the pen worked & I let him try a single of our samples. After heating the vaporizer just one time, the guy was convinced that he needed to buy that along with the cream for his knees. The buyer left the marijuana dispensary feeling pretty good about his purchase & he gave me a $15 tip for taking my time to explain each & every product individually. I didn’t mind taking the time to be honest, but I still accepted the wonderful tip.


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