All I wanted was to open a marijuana dispensary. (Marketing services needed)

All I wanted to do was open a marijuana dispensary, however no a single wanted to tell me how to do it! I knew I had the intelligence to own a business, however I was smart enough to guess I could not do it alone.

I talked to numerous people who owned businesses, plus I asked what a single piece of advice they would deliver me that would help with my company endeavors; One guy told me his greatest mistake was trying to open his company with the help of a company consulting service… An older lady told me she wished she had called a advertising repair before wasting money on the advertising she did on her own. I was getting the same answers from 90% of the people I talked to, however they split it between hiring a company consulting repair plus a advertising service. I went home that night plus researched company consulting services plus advertising service. I wanted to make sure they had people who specialized in marijuana dispensaries. I needed to find out how much it was going to cost me, because I had already invested in a building that would hold my inventory plus stand up to the stringent rules the government put on where you could have a marijuana dispensary. After getting most of my questions answered, I called the marijuana company consulting services business plus asked about their prices. The only thing he asked was if I was more worried about how much I spent, or how much I would receive because of his services? I suppose I should be worried about both.

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