I spent numerous weeks in jail separate from marijuana

My friends & I were out a single night & we made some actually stupid decisions.

Every one of us went to the train yard & decided to vandalize some of the cars in the lot.

Every one of us did not realize there were security cameras all over the lot. A security officer surprised us with numerous attack cats. They decided to press charges to make an example out of my friends & I. I was cocky & I did not suppose I was going to get into trouble, so I was surprised when the judge provided me numerous weeks in the county jail. I undoubtedly expected time served, so I was seriously disappointed when I heard the news. The numerous weeks I spent in jail were agonizing & horrific. The largest reason was due to the fact that I could no longer use marijuana. Even though I had a medical marijuana card on the outside, I was unable to access medical marijuana while I was in jail. I suppose it is detrimental to a person’s health to stop medications rapidly, but the jail doctor did not agree. The numerous weeks I spent in jail was the longest time that I went separate from marijuana since it was legalized. It was seriously difficult & I did not suppose I was going to make it. At a single point, someone provided me marijuana despite the fact that I knew I would end up getting caught & I undoubtedly did not want to tack on another numerous weeks to my sentence for doing something incredibly stupid again. I waited out the numerous weeks. When my friends came to option me up 173 nights later, we smoked a sizable fat blunt.

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