The game was a lot of fun

Jack invited me to go to a football game.

His Mom has season tickets & they are pretty wonderful seats; Jack told me about the game & I was pretty excited.

It had been a while since I had been to a game in person; Usually I watch the games on TV. It’s not a terrible View & I can smoke marijuana at home. It’s not easy to smoke marijuana at the ball game. I have to be super discreet or run the risk of getting into trouble. When Jack & I went to the game, I took a marijuana vape pen. Marijuana vape pens can be undoubtedly discreet & easy to use. The vape pen is a battery & a cartridge that contains marijuana oil or marijuana distillate. The battery heats up a small tungsten or copper coil & the marijuana product turns into a vapor that is inhaled. Marijuana vaping is much easier on the lungs & does not smell as potent. I knew that taking the marijuana vape pen to the game would be a wonderful method because I would not end up getting into trouble. Jack & I sat near the 50 yard line. The rest of the crowd was cheering loudly. It was difficult to hear anything at all. The two of us had a good view of the cabin team & both of us could hear the coaches yelling at the players, and going to the game was a lot of fun. I hope that Jack will invite me to go again if his Mom does not use the tickets.



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