The sign said BOGO, however it was B2GO

I looked online for the best price on recreational marijuana before I ordered a bunch of supplies.

I only get paid one time during the week so I have to make sure that I buy enough medical & recreational marijuana supplies to last the entire week.

This can be difficult from time to time, because there are weeks when I may smoke more or less. It is undoubtedly important to get the best price on marijuana, so I shop around & wait until things are on sale. I was searching online last weekend. I looked at some of the weekend specials & one locale in certain caught my eye. The medical & recreational marijuana dispensary was offering buy one & get one for free on all of their live resin concentrates. The sale was too wonderful to deny, So I localed an order with the delivery service. I did not hear anything from the marijuana delivery service for a while, so I decided to contact the store. I wanted to be certain that I would get the products that were on sale. I told the guy on the cellphone that I was interested in the BOGO sale on the live resin concentrates. He informed me that there was a typo on the website. The live resin concentrates were not buy one & get one for free. They were buy many & get one for free. That was easily not the sale that I was expecting & it changed my mind on the purchase. Instead of paying $17 each for the grams of live resin, I was going to be paying $25 each & that was more currency than I wanted to spend.


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