I’m not letting anyone get me with fake money

Yesterday before work started, there was a meeting with the manager of the Cannabis company. The manager told all of the employees that someone was trying to pass off fake $100 bills at several different cannabis dispensary locations. She told all of the bud tenders and delivery drivers to check for inaccuracies and use the pen and marker to verify every bill. Most of the time we do not take $100 bills. If a customer orders more than $100 worth of cannabis supplies, then they can use a $100 bill. Several customers ordered large amounts of cannabis that night and we were just as busy as ever. I took a delivery south of town to one of the apartment communities. When I arrived at the location, I called the telephone number of the customer and told him that I was downstairs. For insurance purposes, we are not allowed to leave our car at any point during the transaction. The customer came downstairs and presented me with a $100 bill to pay for a very small amount of cannabis. I told the customer that we cannot take a $100 bill for such a small order and he insisted that it was the only currency he had on his person. I took the $100 bill and turned on the light in my car so I could look at it more closely. I didn’t want anyone to get me with a fake bill, but this particular one hundred-dollar bill turned out to be legitimate. It had the magnetic strip and passed the yellow marker test.



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