If I don’t smoke it, what can I do with the flower?

The last time I was in the medical marijuana dispensary, they were advertising one of the greatest sales of the year, but all flower, was on sale for $35 an 1/8. I didn’t think if this was a fine price or not, so I asked. I wanted information about how flower was used, and what the original price was before they put it on sale for $35. I also wanted to think how much 1/8 was? He showed me the flower and told me the bin held an 1/8 ounce. I asked if they had the paraphernalia needed to smoke the marijuana flower, and he just looked at me. He asked if I had learn all the rules and regulations that go with medical marijuana in our state? I told him I hadlearn most of them, but I didn’t think what that had to do with the paraphernalia needed to smoke a marijuana flower. He told me that smoking medical marijuana was not legal in our state. My question may have sounded stupid, but I wanted to think if I do not smoke it, what can I do with flower? He explained that if you grind honestly fine, you could use it in one of their vaping systems. I can figure with the difference was between smoking a medical marijuana cigarette, or using a vape pen, however apparently our state that there was a vast difference. I didn’t want to chop any laws, so I chose to just purchase an RSO that has more CBD than THC, and a pain cream.

Medical Cannabis