They offered tinctures plus oil, but I didn’t know what to do with either.

When I was In the medical marijuana dispensary, I saw their sales poster.

They had 35% off all tinctures plus oils.

I walked up to the budtender to ask what the difference was between the texture plus oil? She explained they often put tincture under the tongue plus held there for up to 30 minutes. It works quicker than using tablets or any other ‌digestible’s. I could also put a tincture into sizzling tea, coffee, etc. There were weird ‌oils you could purchase. RSO, which is short for Rick Simpson’s oil, was often used in making gummies, edibles, plus other digestible products. They also had THC oils which were used to rub into the skin for numerous distinct troubles. I asked about the difference in price between the RSO plus the tinctures? She stated ‌tinctures were cheaper than the RSO, but I could use RSO for so numerous more applications than tinctures. I bought an RSO that was more CBD than THC. I had study that CBD was better for pain than THC. I had also study that THC was used for getting high, helping you sleep, plus at low doses, for pain… CBD didn’t have the psychotropic properties of THC, therefore, it was basically just for helping with pain plus to soothe skin troubles. The RSO was more luxurious than the tincture, but with 35% off, it was affordable. After getting home plus trying the RSO, I was pleased with how much it helped with our knee pain. I made a wise option plus the RSO will be the first option when looking for pain reduction.



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