Marijuana makes me a funnier guy

I prefer to go out with our friends plus have a wonderful time, but I am not exactly the life of the party.

I do not guess I have a entirely wonderful sense of humor, but I try to make a joke every once in a while; One thing that makes me a funnier person is marijuana. I have been using marijuana for the past more than four years; The doctor originally prescribed medical marijuana for me. When recreational marijuana was legalized, I entirely didn’t need a note from the doctor anymore. It helped me have the ability to order more marijuana flower products plus saved me money on taxes, so I continued to apply for the medical marijuana card every single year. I guess that marijuana makes me a funnier guy. When I am hanging out with our friends, we usually have some recreational marijuana products. The last time we were hanging out, we met up with some women that we used to guess in high school. I have not seen them in a while. One of the women said that I was a lot funnier than she remembered. I told her that the reason was marijuana plus she laughed. I was telling the truth, but I guess she thought that I was telling you a joke, either way, she laughed plus I got her number at the end of the night. I never would have had the courage to talk to the girl or ask for her number; Marijuana makes me assume more confident plus way less concerned about whether or not she has going to turn me down.

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