Discounts at the dispensary

The marijuana dispensary offers amazing discounts on many different products in the store itself.

  • They do not advertise these discounts, so The only way to find out if something is on sale is to go visit the dispensary.

Sadly, I do not live close to the dispensary, so I usually order for delivery… Since the sales are not available on deliveries, I had to visit the store to option out all of my products; When I got to the marijuana store, I was shocked to find out that they were having a sale on all of the cannabis concentrates. They were all “buy one and get one 50% off.” The dispensary did not advertise the sale online. I only saw it because I went to the store. I saved about $150 that day, because I took advantage of “the buy one, get one for 50% off” sale. I picked out more than one indica cannabis concentrate strains and more than a few sativa cannabis concentrate strains. When I was finished at the dispensary, I got on my iPhone and I called my best mate James. I told the guy that the delivery maintenance was having a sale in the store on concentrates. When James found out about the sale, he went to the dispensary to take advantage of the cheap prices too. James picked out 8 grams of cannabis concentrate and then he came over to my current home to say thank you for the heads up, then James picked out a couple of different Indica strains love OG kush, Skywalker og, Blue Dream, and gelato number 33. All of us smoked some of the concentrates together and all of us shared a marijuana joint before James went back to his place.


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