I was lost on a back road

Monday afternoon I worked at the marijuana dispensary.

I wasn’t supposed to be working as a weed delivery driver that day, however the store was busy. I took a couple of deliveries after my break. One of those deliveries was down near the canyon at the particularly south end of the town. I’ve never been down that way to deliver, however I’ve driven in that space when I go to the state park that is 5 or six miles from the area. I thought I knew exactly where I was headed, so I wasn’t bothered when the internet cut out as well as I lost the GPS tracking. I had the home address on the order as well as I was only a few miles away at the time, however, alas, I ended up getting lost on the back roads. I had to drive all the way out of the valley to get repairs for my iPhone. Thankfully the guidelines were easy to write down, because they vanished as soon as I lost signal again. I was delayed by 30 minutes because I could not find the home address for the marijuana delivery order. When I finally arrived, the owner of the house asked how difficult it was to find the locale. I told the person that I got lost for 15 minutes. I guess she must have taken mercy on me, because she gave me a crucial tip. The person gave me $18 on a $73 marijuana order. This is really 1 of the biggest tips that I have ever acquired. I do not see delivery tips that large unless I drive orders over $500.

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