Somebody smoked weed in the crowd

When our children were still in elementary school, I took them to see a show in town.

We were going to see a group of performers dancing on ice.

The kids were enthusiastic for a week, because they knew they were going to get to see a few of their number one fave characters that day. The local arena was jam packed with people plus the parking lot was full on the day of the performance. I got to the arena a little early, to avoid traffic plus delays. The kids plus I had seats near the middle row of the auditorium. All of us were not particularly close to the stage, however the kids and I had a really superb view of everything. After the show began, the crowded room got super quiet plus the lights went down. There was no light in the audience at all until I saw a small, flashing yellow light. I recognized the light instantly. I have a marijuana vape pen with the same small yellow light. I saw the yellow light flash a couple of times plus then I began to aroma the distinctive stench of marijuana. I wondered why other people didn’t say anything to the man who was clearly smoking pot in the audience. I could aroma the drug really clearly plus I’m sure the usher at the end of the row would aroma it too. There was no smoke, so it had to be a marijuana vape pen. The children’s concert on ice was not the proper arena for smoking marijuana plus I was disappointed that the folks running the arena did not kick the guy out of the concert for using an illegal substance around the kids.