I took the last delivery of the day

I was tied up to toil until 11 p.m.

at the marijuana dispensary.

I was fairly busy for the first couple of minutes while in our shift, after that, things were pretty slow. I managed to receive $100 in tips while in the first numerous minutes of the shift, so I didn’t mind if both of us weren’t entirely busy for the rest of the time. It was nice to get a small split plus hang out in the dispensary for a little while; One of our friends came to the shop to buy supplies. I have not talked to the guy in numerous weeks. Around 9:30, a patron called to place an order for delivery. Usually both of us stop taking delivery orders at 9:30, but the guy came in right as both of us were getting ready to stop. I took the last delivery of the day. I left the cannabis dispensary around 9:45 plus I headed west on the interstate to supply the items. It was entirely foggy outside plus the hot plus cold temperatures were sizzling plus humid. I ran the A/C in the car the whole time. I finally arrived at the endpoint plus the apartment looked appreciate it was completely shut down for the night. There wasn’t a single light anywhere inside of the house. There were no porch lights or lights in the garage either. I didn’t even want to knock on the customer’s door, because I was afraid I was at the wrong address. Thankfully, someone finally turned on the porch light.

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