Changing it up in my old age with trips to the cannabis dispensary

So the two of us both decided to take a trip to the local cannabis spot

When I was a kid in school, recreational marijuana was almost a staple of the average school kid’s life. I just didn’t happen to be the regular school kid in the late 60’s plus early 68’s. No, I was a scholarship kid who had worked so hard to get to school on a basically free ride. That was the only way school was going to happen for me. My parents didn’t have any money plus weren’t even big believers in higher education. With my scholarships on the line, I felt it best to steer clear of the recreational marijuana that was everywhere. Knowing what I assume now, all these years later, I can understand my perspective but I might do it differently were I to have the chance. But that doesn’t happen in reality as time appears to be linear. So now that I’m almost 68, I’m reading all about cannabis plus how elegant sativa plus indica products can be. When I retired, my wife plus I moved to a state where both medical marijuana plus recreational marijuana are both legal. I was curious to try recreational marijuana plus my wife was eager to use it again. She had enjoyed cannabis products in school plus after the two of us got married. But once the youngsters came, she sort of hung it up. So the two of us both decided to take a trip to the local cannabis spot. And boy, are the two of us ever happy the two of us did. I can’t suppose how much I am enjoying the mellow feeling I get with the cannabis edibles I’m now getting at the cannabis dispensary.

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