First stop in new neighborhood was the cannabis dispensary

I don’t know I even realized that my new position would be in a state where both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana were legal.

The offer was accepted and I was packing up my home before a friend informed me that cannabis was legal where I was moving. This added a whole other bonus level to what was a good opportunity. Not only was the new task a promotion but it was 1 that I honestly had a passion for. Having spent more than a decade of doing anything the business needed of me, it was good to get to do what I easily wanted to do. And the fact that I could shop for marijuana for sale was just the nicest added benefit. I’ve used recreational marijuana since university. But I’ve always had to be so careful when it came to getting cannabis products. That meant there were long stretches where I didn’t have any marijuana because I just couldn’t find a trustworthy source. The last thing I wanted to explain to the bosses was a marijuana possession bust. Plus, I easily never knew what I was buying from what cannabis grower. I had to take whatever indica or sativa strains were available. And you never had any plan of the THC satisfied either. The whole thing was a pig in a poke. But that was over now that I had access to legal weed at a cannabis dispensary. The first thing I did once I got all moved in to my new place was to swing by the local cannabis spot. Not only did I find the cannabis products I was interested in although I also found a bunch of care about minded people as well. That’s always nice when you’re new in town.
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