They haven't had distillate for weeks

I’ve been forced to vape subpar wax and resin

I have been an avid pot smoker for multiple years. I started smoking pot with our friends in middle school and I coninted even after I graduated. I smoked a great deal of pot with our friends in university too, and that is when I realized how it helps our mental health. When I smoke pot, I do not assume depressed or anxious. I assume relaxed and calm. My favorite cannabis concentrate is distillate. Distillate is really smooth and powerful and contains nearly 98% THC. Distillate is an extraction process that does not use butane or hash oil. It doesn’t use any solvents so it is really wash and fresh. It doesn’t have any terpenes, but several contractors add terpenes to give the distialtle a particular flavor profile. The Cannabis shop close to our home usually carries more than four or more than five unusual types of distillate… Unfortunately, they haven’t had any distillate for weeks, then everything is out of stock and the manager said she doesn’t suppose when they will get the product back. I shopped around at multiple other medical marijuana shops in the town and none of them have any distillate. I know the product is out at the contractor, since no one in neighborhood carries the items right now. I’ve been forced to vape subpar wax and resin. I used to like vaping live resin, and then someone told myself and others to try the distillate. I vape several or multiple hits of the distillate and I assume great. It takes a bit more resin to assume the same effects that I do from the distillate.


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