It’s a cannabis vacation

It seems like an absolute no brainer now.

But when we first came up with the idea of spending our vacation visiting areas where we could shop for marijuana for sale, it was novel.

My wife and I live in a state that still has repressive and arcane cannabis laws. We seem to get close with each election cycle of getting medical marijuana and maybe even recreational marijuana legalized. But it still hasn’t happened. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t able to get to use recreational marijuana. We’re so very, very fortunate to know a small cannabis grower who provides cannabis products to friends. And we know how lucky we are to be able to get sativa and indica products that we can trust. Knowing the cannabis grower is about the only way to know the THC content when you’re in a state like ours. While we are thankful to at least have some access to marijuana, we really loved the idea of shopping for marijuana for sale. So we decided to started planning our vacations around destinations that had legal recreational marijuana. It has been the most fun thing. There are so many places in this country that are so much fun to visit. The fact that they also allow recreational marijuana users access to the local cannabis spot makes it even that much better. We’ve made so many friends on these trips who also share our love for cannabis products and cannabis dispensaries. That has spawned these group vacations that we are doing now to destination cannabis growers with their own cannabis dispensary. What started as a novel approach to shopping for cannabis products has turned into the best sort of vacation.


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