The hotel clerk gave me the name of a good place

When my girlfriend and I went to the city, I wanted to check out a couple of the recreational marijuana dispensaries.

There is only one marijuana dispensary in the little town where we live. The dispensary carries a lot of different products like Edibles, dried marijuana flower, concentrate, and tinctures. The selection in each category could be better. The dispensary is often out of top-shelf products. As soon as my girlfriend and I got to the city, I started looking on Weedmaps for a dispensary near us. It was easy to find a dispensary near me. There were a ton of them listed in the phone book and online. I decided to ask the front desk clerk if the guy knew which one was going to have the best deals. The front desk clerk definitely looked like a stoner. Of course that guy gave us information. He told my girlfriend and I that the best place to buy recreational marijuana was a dispensary about two miles away from the hotel. It was way too far to walk, but the desk clerk called us a cab. He said a cab would be cheaper than an Uber and he was right. It was $16 for the Uber ride, but the cab only cost us 7:50. My girlfriend and I were totally surprised by the dispensary that we visited. It was easily two times as large as the one in our hometown. The dispensary looked like a nightclub instead of a pharmacy. There was loud music inside of the building and a couple of televisions were broadcasting music videos. The ambiance inside of this dispensary was so much different than the one at home. It was easily more

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