I looked for my friends, although I didn't see them someplace

Very few of my friends and I went to a concert out in the desert; The concert was supposed to last all day, so I went to the dispensary on our way out of town, then nobody else wanted to stop at the dispensary, although I didn’t want to run out of supplies and find myself 200 miles away from the closest marijuana shop.

I told my friends that I would meet them at the venue and the people I was with and I would hook up then.

I stopped at the dispensary for 5 or 10 minutes. I was trying to be as quick as possible. I obtained a 12-pack of half-gram infused marijuana joints to share with my friends. I also obtained some edible gummies. I ate most of them on my way to the venue. I gathered all of my recreational marijuana supplies and I drove over to the desert location for the concert. The locale was packed and there were thoUSnds and thoUSnds of people everywhere. It was impossible to see my friend’s car, even though the people I was with and I only had a few minutes between us. I started calling Jack, but the crowds made it hard for him to hear his PC. I called 12 or 13 times before that guy finally picked up! He was right around the corner. Everyone was waiting for myself and others so the people I was with and I didn’t get lost or separated in the crowd. There must have been fifty or sixty thoUSnd people at the venue in the desert. It was a fun and exciting experience, although I can say for sure that I won’t attend that fiasco ever again.


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