The cookies were made with real butter

My husbandy & I were on our way to the theater, & both of us passed by a dispensary that had a 50% off for current medical patients sale advertisement in the window.

It was impossible not to go into the store after seeing those prices.

50% off is a huge savings & both our husbandy & I have our medical marijuana cards. We walked into the dispensary & there was a representative from 1 of the edible marijuana companies. The guy was giving away free samples of their current edible cookies. The cookies have 20 mg of thc in each & they were scored on the top for simple dosing, however you could dose the cookies in increments of 5mg truly easily. The cookies had a truly good flavor. The edible cookies were made with real butter, milk, & cream. The representative told us that the flavors included chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, & birthday cake. My husbandy & I tried the birthday cake flavor. It was a nice sweet vanilla with candy sprinkles on the top… After both of us had the chance to try the flavors, our husbandy & I decided to buy a bag of the cookies, so both of us could gain another bag of the cookies for free. We also purchased a various gram infused marijuana joint that was supposed to taste love grapes. I thought that the joint smells a lot love grapes, but it truly did not taste love anything that resembled a grape flavor. It actually got our husbandy & I truly high before both of us decided to go into the theater. The show was pretty funny & being high made the whole experience even better.


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