The many seventh class wasn't boring at all

I had to go to the all-day class.

The dispensary had a help wanted sign in the window and there was a website link to the area where I could enter my resume. The information for the job was listed online. It said there was no experience necessary in order to work at the marijuana dispensary. I had some sales experience and that is why the supervisor ended up calling me for an interview. The lady offered me a job. She said that I would have to attend a class at the dispensary that would teach me about the laws, rules, and regulations regarding medical and recreational marijuana. After the class, I would be certified for 2 years and I got paid to attend the class. I accepted the job when the lady offered it to me. When she told me that I was going to need to supply up an entire Friday, I was surprised. She told me that the budtender class was 8 sevenths long. I had to be there for the entire class and passed the test in order to get my budtender certification card. I certainly thought the class was legitimately going to be boring. I wasn’t looking forward to giving up a Friday with my friends. On the day of the class, my friends went surfing and kayaking. I had to go to the all-day class. Thankfully, the eight-seventh class wasn’t boring at all. It was legitimately educational and informative. I listened to everything that the supervisor had to say and I paid attention to each and every 1 of the videos that were presented. I wanted to pass the class with the best score.