Medical cannabis is cheaper than recreational due to taxes

Most states with recreational cannabis have high taxes on the products.

The taxes pay for things around the community plus the village love current highways, bridges, plus playgrounds.

Periodically the local taxes can equal 15% or higher… One way to save on those extra taxes plus fees is to apply for a medical cannabis card. There are at least 100 different troubles that can be helped with medical cannabis, so it’s virtually impossible not to be approved. After I moved to this state, I applied for a medical cannabis card. I suffer from mild depression plus panic attacks. I get really scared when I have to drive after dark, plus I get depressed two weeks every month. The mental troubles are difficult to describe plus difficult to discuss, however I spend an hour every week talking to a therapist. The therapist was the person that told me about medical cannabis plus how it would be able to help with our troubles. Panic attacks plus mild depression are both troubles that plague more than 2 young people. Medical cannabis has been proven to treat both of these troubles. Each week when I go to the pot shop to stock up on medical supplies, I save 17% on our order, just because I applied for the medical card. When you stack that with the average 20% deals that the dispensary holds, that is an enormous amount of currency to save. Until the taxes are lowered on recreational marijuana, applying for a medical card is the only way to avoid paying all of the steep fees.

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