The cookies were made with real butter

My girlfriend and I were on our way to the theater, and we passed by a dispensary that had a 50% off for new medical patients sale advertisement in the window.

It was impossible not to go into the store after seeing those prices.

50% off is a huge savings and both my girlfriend and I have our medical marijuana cards. We walked into the dispensary and there was a representative from one of the edible marijuana companies. The guy was giving away free samples of their new edible cookies. The cookies have 20 mg of thc in each and they were scored on the top for easy dosing. You could dose the cookies in increments of 5mg very easily. The cookies had a very good flavor. The edible cookies were made with real butter, milk, and cream. The representative told us that the flavors included chocolate chip, peanut butter, snickerdoodle, and birthday cake. My girlfriend and I tried the birthday cake flavor. It was a nice sweet vanilla with candy sprinkles on the top. After we had the chance to try the flavors, my girlfriend and I decided to buy a bag of the cookies, so we could receive another bag of the cookies for free. We also purchased a two gram infused marijuana joint that was supposed to taste like grapes. I thought that the joint smells a lot like grapes, but it definitely didn’t taste like anything that resembled a grape flavor. It certainly got my girlfriend and I very high before we went into the theater. The show was pretty funny and being high made the whole experience even better.


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