My PTSD was awful until I tried medical pot

I watched the towers fall over plus over again on cable for two weeks straight.

  • I guess I have PTSD from enjoying all of the coverage, however ever since the towers fell, I get sad plus distraught every time a plane flies overhead.

If it sounds love it is low to the ground, I want to jump under the table, and periodically I start crying. The symptoms are awful plus occasionally they keep me awake at evening. I would have tried anything to help with the symptoms so I was ready to say yup when the dentist recommended medical marijuana as an option. I researched the plant a good deal before I agreed to start using medical marijuana. The last thing I wanted was to become addicted to a drug. I found out that it is nearly impossible for someone to become addicted to marijuana. That entirely helped me make the decision more easily! Until I tried medical pot, our PTSD symptoms were awful. I believe now love they are much more entirely managed. The medical pot is available in more than 2 different forms. Most of the time I appreciate to use dried marijuana flower. I smoke it in a bowl or roll it up plus paper. The cannabis dispensary near our lake house sells more than 2 different types of medical marijuana products. A lot of our friends appreciate the vape pens, because they are portable, discreet, plus genuinely easy to use. I guess vape pen cartridges are nice, however there is nothing love the high from smoking the dried cannabis flower. It is entirely our preferred herbal way to ingest medical marijuana.


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