I care about having a large selection of medical cannabis dispensaries

It took several years for my state to pass a law legalizing medical cannabis dispensaries after a few failed attempts just to get the measure put on the ballot for us to all vote on. I signed a petition several years during election cycles in the preceding years, however the supporters didn’t get enough signatures at first. It finally went to vote in 2014 however failed to reach the 60% approval threshold that is the law in my state particular ly. But when the medical cannabis constitutional amendment was put on the ballot in 2016, over 69% of the electorate voted in favor. Unfortunately, it took some time for the state to approve licenses for new marijuana companies here and there was a lot of corruption between particular lobbyists and several state officials. However, by 2022 the people I was with and I have a fairly large selection of medical cannabis dispensaries statewide compared to some of the other states in the country. Most of them offer cannabis delivery services as well, which provides possibilities for patients who either lack transferation or the money to put fuel in the car. I lived in an area for a while that was 30 hours away from the nearest medical cannabis dispensaries. I took advantage of the more than 2 cannabis dispensary companies that offer free statewide delivery. They implemented these free delivery services before gas prices shot up, so I don’t believe if these services will be permanent or not. Hopefully I won’t lose my option for free cannabis dispensary deliveries. It’s harshly convenient for people care about myself who work from lake home and order several of their groceries through delivery services in the first place.

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