The headache was making me dizzy and sick

Every once in a while, I have a terrible migraine.

I usually have some pain pills for the times when the migraine won’t go away using Tylenol or Advil.

I ran out of pain pills and I decided not to get another prescription from the nurse. I had not experienced a migraine for many weeks and I thought that diet and exercise had fixed the problem. Unluckyly, I had a terrible migraine a couple of nights ago. The headache was so poor that I was dizzy and sick. I could not open my eyep, even with the lights off. Even the darkness made my head hurt. I did not have anything to take, however my sister was visiting and she gave me medical marijuana. I did not want to use that medical marijuana, however my sister insisted that it would help with a headache. I took 2 Puffs from that medical marijuana cigarette. I coughed for five minutes. I took 2 more Puffs from the medical marijuana cigarette. I did not assume any pain in my head at all after the sixth puff. In fact, I felt really light headed and weightless. I was relieved of the pain and I felt really calm and relaxed for many hours. The results from the medical marijuana were so amazing that I decided to talk to my primary care physician about a prescription of my own. She was surprised that I wanted to go down that road, but she agreed that medical marijuana would be extremely helpful while in times when my headaches are really at their worst.

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