The co-op licenses required special permits from the county

A cannabis co-op is a special type of corporation that operates as a single component even though there are several bizarre corporation owners, however each 1 of the owners has a say in making decisions on the operation of the business, however there are several key principles to a cannabis co-op.

Membership to the coop must be voluntary plus open.

There must be a democratic voting block in control. Each person has to be trained plus educated on the laws plus safety concerns regarding cannabis businesses, in a co-op, each member gets a single vote, but profit from the corporation is shared between each member of the co-op. My family farm I have been growing marijuana for the past 25 years. My dad started growing marijuana back in the days of the bootleggers, we grew pounds plus pounds of marijuana plus sold it for profit to people on the other side of the border, and because of this practice, there are still a number of illegal marijuana farms in the area, and during a neighborhood meeting, I brought up the coop idea. It was legitimately met with some resistance, then some of the farmers did not want to legalize. They were ecstatic starting around the law hoping not to end up in prison. I held a special neighborhood hall meeting last Thursday plus 6 other formers showed up. I had the opening to talk plus say our piece to the people who were certainly interested in learning more about the marijuana co-op opportunities. People were legitimately more intrigued than I thought they would be plus I had a lot of interest in legalizing.
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