I get too fatigued feeling after using indicas

Since I was a young child, I have always been an active person. I prefer to play sports like soccer plus I would kick the ball every day on the garage when there was no one around for me to play with. The garage was simply made of concrete so it was no big deal to hit the ball against it. There were many kids in school from my town that were aged the same as myself and others plus they attended one of the same schools. I had many friends to play with during Mo’s School afternoon plus there was a real possibility when I found myself alone. There was easily a sizable Park very close to the condo and my friends and I shot who played tennis. The both of us stayed active in one shape or form. I managed to finally get on the varsity soccer team after starting my junior year in high school. This is one of the times when I was experiencing fatigue plus exhaustion. My body was absolutely wearing down plus I was not used to any pushback. I have to be very careful not to overdo the workout. I use sativa strains and absolutely avoid Indica strains unless there are problems sleeping throughout the whole night. Indica strains absolutely put myself and others in an instant mood to sleep. Sativa cannabis strains are like a stimulant and they do not make us feel fatigued at the same time. The medical marijuana strains I work best when they are used in conjunction with something else.


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