My favorite medical cannabis dispensary is running a different sale every single week

I love it when I can save money on the things that I love and use the most.

Ever since I started looking at sales papers religiously every week for the best coupons, I have been able to offset some of the pain of inflation with these savings. It’s not a perfect solution, but even just a little bit of assistance always helps in the long run. My all time favorite grocery store has their famous buy-one, get-one free sales every week and the products offered are constantly in rotation. It’s smart to check these sales each week so you can wait and buy some of your favorite products when you can get them 50% off like this. Since the price of raw pork and raw chicken has gone up considerably, I try to wait on making these purchases until I can find them during a great sale or clearance promotion. It’s not different at all of the medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. They’re all trying to compete with one another and it’s turning into a situation where each week there’s at least one sale at every cannabis retailer. My favorite marijuana store usually runs a weekly sale on cannabis flower products for two days and a weekly sale on cannabis concentrates during two different days of the week. If you are smart and wait for the sale days, you can get your medical marijuana products for up to 40% cheaper than you would on a normal day with no sale. I try to tell everyone I know to take advantage of these cannabis dispensary sales, but some people are stubborn about it.

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