The bar for good cannabis concentrates is fairly low in my state with limited competition

My state is gorgeous in its natural environment, but it doesn’t have many people or more than one or two large cities.

We’re in what’s considered a “fly over state” because it’s not a destination like the locales along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Still, I am proud of my home state and have no desire to move anytime soon. We might not be a prime destination for lots of people, but that’s fine with me. The natural environment makes this whole place gorgeous compared to some of the surrounding states that lack the same ecology and geography. We have more states and forests than some of the places further south that look like huge prairie states primarily consisting of farmland and virtually nothing else. Although we have both medical cannabis and recreational cannabis legal here, both programs are fairly young and we lack a large number of cannabis companies to have any real competition out here to get prices to drop. Since the number of dispensaries is so small, the bar for good cannabis concentrates is fairly low. Out west you can find amazing solventless concentrates with specific micron ratings on the hashish. Here you are lucky if you can find hashish whatsoever, let alone specified micron ratings to get the purest products possible. I want more companies to flock to this state so we can get better competition and more variety overall. That would improve the situation with cannabis considerably. It’s going to take a few companies from out west to open operations here to send a jolt to the industry and perhaps knock the prices down a bit to a more reasonable level.

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