Hoping to fix my skin with cannabis

My skin has always been a mess.

  • When I went through puberty acne hit me hard and just didn’t let up.

I have tried proactive, clean and clear, and neutrogena. I wash my pillow cases every few days and scrub my face frequently. I have all sorts of expensive facial cleansers, creams and scrubs. I never touch my face and I only eat clean foods to limit the amount of spots that form. I still look like a teenage boy. I did some research online if there is anything else that is being used to treat acne. I found that people are using cannabis on their skin. No they aren’t putting the oil or dried flower on their face. What I need is a cannabis cream. They have facial scrubs and washes as well. It has traces of the cannabis plant in it. I can even smoke cannabis oil to help my skin. Cannabis can reduce inflammation in the body which means my red bumps can look less red. Also, cannabis has been linked with reducing the amount of sebum a body products. Sebum is the waxy, oily substance a person produces that clogs pores and creates pimples, blackheads and white heads. Thankfully my state allows for both medical and recreational cannabis. I don’t think acne relief would count as a medical marijuana case. Now I need to find a recreational weed shop that has all these acne products for me to try out. If they can even slightly improve my skin I will count that as a win.

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