Difference of the two

I was recently on the search for some cannabis products and I came across the world of CBD, but you can get CBD concentrates, tinctures, topicals and so many more.

I started researching a little deeper trying to hunt out my exact CBD products and found that broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD comes up a lot.

I realized that the words broad and full basically are the same to me, but what is the difference between each other? After some research I understood that they are basically the same chemically. The only difference is that full spectrum CBD has traces of THC in it. Why would you want traces of THC? Typically it makes the topical, tincture, or concentrate that much more powerful and effective. But, some people get drug tested for work, then others don’t want the risk of feeling high at all. Hence that is why a lot of people exclusively shop for broad spectrum CBD products. Since I work from home and are all online based, I didn’t particularly enjoy traces of THC. I have begun trying out full spectrum CBD products and they have been working wonders for me. The percentage of THC is so low that I don’t even notice it at all. It is not love smoking a strain of cannabis flower and getting high as a kite. It is a much more good and medical feeling. I am glad that I don’t get all high while using my products. A lady at my age doesn’t need to be doing those kinds of things.
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